What are the benefits of membership?

Annual Lunch

Once a year, the Hungarian House Management welcomes its members with a members' lunch.

Voting rights

Members can vote on decisions concerning the Hungarian House at general meetings.


Members can vote at the elective assemblies.

Attendance at general meetings

Members are entitled to participate in general meetings held twice a year.

Applying for posts

Members have the right to apply for offices, committees (subject to other necessary conditions).

Discounted events

Members can participate at a discount in certain events organised by the Hungarian House.

Advertisement on the website

Members can advertise their business and services on the Hungarian House website.

Finding out about documents

Members have the opportunity to consult the general and financial documents of the Hungarian House

Membership fees for individuals

Regular Membership

for individuals aged between 18 and 65
$ 75 annually
  • 1 year membership

Retired Membership

for individuals aged 65 and over
$ 50 annually
  • 1 year membership

Youth Membership

for full-time students aged 18 to 24
$ 25 annually
  • 1 year membership

Perpetual Membership

for individuals over 18 years of age
$ 1000 one-off fee
  • grants perpetual membership

Membership fees for organisations, associations, businesses

Organizational/ Associational Membership

$ 75 annually
  • 1 year membership

Corporate/Commercial Annual Membership

$ 75 annually
  • 1 year membership

Perpetual Organisational/Corporate and Corporate/Commercial Membership

$ 5000 one-off fee
  • grants perpetual membership

Membership conditions:

Downloadable documents:

Submission of the form does not constitute automatic membership. A Hungarian House staff member will contact you after receiving the form. Thank you for your application!