Executive Directors

Judith Boda-Lázár


Judith immigrated to Canada with her family in 1991. She is the Secretary of the Orbán Balázs Society, and is an active member of the association. She loves to spend her time with her family and is also an avid skier.

Dr. András Botond Fecső


Andras immigrated to Canada with his family in 2009. He is active in the local Hungarian community,as well as the Orban Balazs Society, and the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Parish. His professionalism extends beyond remedy and patient treatment to nurturing, developing and strengthening Hungarian culture in the diaspora. He spends his free time with his family and friends. Andras also enjoys travel and various excursions.

Zsuzsa Szalma


1968 I arrived in Canada with my parents a few days before Christmas. We spent our first Canadian New Year's Eve at the Hungarian House on Collage Street. I did my high school and university studies here in Toronto, majoring in biology and chemistry. My parents were active members of the Hungarian House of St. Clair, and are still perpetual members to this day. In 1981, I opened my travel agency, Travel Expressions Ltd. and we have been serving the Hungarian Diaspora in Toronto ever since. I am the mother of two adult children. It is important for me to continue to maintain the Hungarian House, following in my parents' footsteps.

Alexandra Kedmenecz

Director of Finance

Qualifications: economist, social worker

Occupation: registered social worker, psychotherapist

I was born in Komló, raised and educated in Szekszárd, so I consider myself a Szekszárd native. We have been living in Canada for 11 years. I have worked as a business development economist, social worker and mediator, and currently I work in child protection and run a private psychotherapy practice in Toronto. I have been active in the Hungarian community since our arrival in Canada and am the founder of Hungarian Helping Hands of Canada.

Attila Szőllősi

Director of Building Maintenance

Occupation: entrepreneur

Ildikó Bán

Director of Public Relations

I am Ildikó Bán, wife and happy mother of two beautiful daughters. I am a mechanical engineer by education. I have been living in Toronto for 27 years. 20 years I worked in research at the nuclear power plant. 5 years I have been working at Canada Post as a shift supervisor. I have been the Director of Public Relations at the Hungarian House for several years. I also organize the Hungarian House museum. I am an active member of the Balázs Orbán Society.

Csilla Papp

Press and Media Director

Qualification: chartered historian

Occupation: administrative assistant

I was born in Budapest, I graduated from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungarian History. I started my career as a training officer, then as an education organiser, and during my doctoral studies I worked as a columnist and science journalist at the editorial office of Life and Science. I was a fellow of the Hungarian House Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Programme for three years and currently work as an administrative assistant in an accountancy office in Toronto.

Schneman Gabriela

Director of Culture

I am Gabriela Schneman, a fourth year member of the teaching staff of the fantastic Arany János Hungarian School. Setting the first and second classes on their way in alphabet land is one of my favourite tasks. I believe I have a special bond of love with my little team. 

Ever since I came into the world I have loved literature, theatre, music and I try to pass it on to children. Apart from letters, we learn poems, songs and prepare small performances for holidays.

I would like to give you the love of the written word and respect for the heartland as a guide.

Antal Anikó

Director of Education

My name is Antal Anikó Zsuzsanna. I was born in Nyíregyháza. I am a Hungarian-French teacher. During my career I had the opportunity to teach Hungarian language and literature, French language from the youngest age group to adults. In addition to teaching and researching the history of literature, music is an important part of my life, and I am currently an active violist in several Toronto orchestras.

Marian Tóth

Director of Youth and Sport

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